Boot Camp and Spinning and TRX… Oh My!

    How often have you walked by the various classrooms and seen fellow members sweating, jumping, cycling etc. and having a great time? How often have you thought that a Boot Camp, a TRX or a Ply-Yo class might be a lot of fun but didn’t know if it was right for you (or even what it was)?

    Well, that was me many years ago until one day I was dragged into a Boot Camp class and discovered a whole new world that was a great compliment to my running and weight training. I started in the back of the room, deep in the corner and out of sight of the instructor, convinced I would look like a fool. Today I lead those classes, and like all my fellow Group X instructors, our goal is eliminate that “fool” feeling and encourage everyone to join the fun.

    Phys-Ed has a tremendous variety of classes that are led by certified instructors who know how to push you beyond what you thought were your limits. At the same time, we also have exercise modifications for newcomers and members at different fitness levels than their classmates. Everyone gets the individual attention they need to make the workout work. The object is to work hard, work fun and gain inspiration and motivation from the guy in the front row, your best friend on your right and everyone in-between.

    You might be surprised to find that your cardio and weight training workouts benefit from the addition of a Group X class. Yoga and Ply-Yo will stretch your muscles and make the day-after-lifting recovery so much better. Spin will increase your cardio endurance while toning your legs. TRX will use muscles you didn’t even know existed. And Zumba…well, I only wish I could move like that because that class inspires the biggest smiles and an amazing cardio burn.

    Check the schedule, pick a class and give it a shot. Shake up your workouts and jump start your day. Take a 101 for TRX and Spin to learn the ropes. Got a question about any class, just ask. But don’t look for me in Zumba…well, maybe one day in the back in the corner…

    byBob Swanson