Phys-Ed Health and Performance of New Milford

If working out isn’t working for you, Phys-Ed could change your life.


In the same way that most diets don’t work, many of us join a health club or gym with high hopes that don’t pan out. We don’t lose the weight we vowed to take off. We don’t reap the singular benefits that only the power of exercise can create when it comes to systemic well being and general health.  And the main reason we don’t get in better shape is because we don’t know how to create a customized program that will motivate us to achieve our fitness goals. We get frustrated when our self-styled exercise routines don’t leave us feeling stronger or in better shape. And so we start to feel like the best part of any session at the gym is leaving.

That’s what makes Phys-Ed Health and Performance different.

Through our special programming opportunities we, in effect, teach you to become your own personal trainer. No more half-hearted half-hours on the treadmill or wandering among the weight machines wondering what to do. No more guesswork about how much,or how little activity you need to see and feel the resutls you want. You tell us what your fitness goals are and we’ll help you end the cycle of failure that you’ve suffered at other gym and health clubs.

Why does Phys-Ed work?

Phys-Ed is the best of both worlds – a cross between a state-of-the-art gym and an educational facility where you’ll learn how to take your workouts to the max. We’ll tell you more than just how many reps or sets  to do – we’ll teach you why they’ll pay off.  Under the guidance of a professional fitness management team that’s worked to serve the New Milford community for the past 12 years, Phys-Ed features much more than the latest advances in cardio and weight training technology equipment. Our roster of group activity classes – including Zumba, Spinning, TRX and yoga – is an exciting work in progress and will continue to evolve to reflect the wants and needs of our members.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of a new sport – golf, tennis, cross-county skiing, triathlon – we’ll design a training program that will help you get started.

But the key to your success at Phys-Ed will hinge on our commitment to create a personal development system for you that educates as well as rewards your participation.

Every month we’ll post our programming calendar loaded with classes, seminars, lectures, hands-on demonstrations and events. Each activity will be assigned a certain number of Phys-Education Credits – that will accrue towards your degree from Phys-Ed University.

Better than frequent flyer mileage, Phys-Education Credits transport you to an enhanced quality of life, improved sense of well being and will help you graduate to happier and healthier you. Our belief that inside every discouraged gym member there’s a healthier, stronger person waiting to emerge, was the inspiration for the philosophy behind Phys-Ed Health and Performance.

We welcome the chance to share how it can work for you.