Phys-Ed Personal Training Philosophy
“How many more tomorrows before you say today?”

We know.

We know that maintaining a regular exercise routine isn’t easy. We know that getting the results you want is even harder.

(And we know you already knew that.)

But a fitness program with your name on it can make a pivotal difference. At Phys-Ed, our Personal Trainers will listen to you and design an exercise program around your life and schedule. We’ll tailor it to you and make it work for you.

And we’ll stay by your side to ensure variety and flexibility, helping you stave off boredom and boost motivation.

Phys-Ed personal trainers will help teach you to listen to your body and to find a way to incorporate its needs into your lifestyle. But we know that if our trainers aren’t at the top of their game, you can’t be at the top of yours. So we’ve assembled the most experienced staff in the area and imposed the highest standards for our trainers. We require all of them to be nationally accredited. And we insist they make their own education a continuing priority by attending myriad fitness seminars throughout the year.

The result is a proven record of success. We’ve worked with Olympic athletes. Reformed couch potatoes. And countless weekend warriors coming back after injuries.

We can bring out the dormant inner athlete in you.

So ask yourself, “How many tomorrows before I say today?”

For more information on the right trainer for you, please see a Member Advisor or speak with our General Manager Eric Corson.

Now let’s meet the team!

Jean Claude Chacon-Saucy

Eric Corson

Pedro Flores-Joya

Chris Papsin

Jeannine Usher

Cheryl Williams

Valerie Walsh

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