The Science Lab

The Science Lab at Phys-Ed is here to help you set your goals, set up your programs and chart your progress.  Let’s take the guess work out of meal planning, cardiovascular conditioning and program design by starting out with proper testing and assessment. Think of your health and fitness program as a GPS. It can’t give you direction unless you know here you are starting and where you want to go? Well, you might get there, but it will take you a lot longer. Let The Science Lab at Phys-Ed help you, efficiently, map out your fitness program.

The Basics- Height,Weight, Blood Pressure and Body Fat Free

We ask all our members to get these basic parameters measured upon enrollment at Phys-Ed. It not only helps us make sure it is safe to begin a conditioning program, but also allows you to establish your baseline before starting a program. Also, remember, you have to have some base of where you are starting.

Resting Metabolic Rate         $65             (includes 1x breather and tube charge)            

Do I have a fast or a slow metabolism?  How much do I need to eat or how much do I need to exercise to lose a certain number of pounds? Well determining your resting metabolic rate helps to answer these questions and many more. A simple test that requires you to rest in a comfortable chair for 15 minutes with your plug on your nose and tube sticking out of your mouth.  Sounds fun, right? Well, it is not that bad.

Sub VO2 Max Testing          $115

VO2 Max or maximal oxygen uptake is generally considered the best indicator of a person’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. It is basically how efficient you are at taking in oxygen and transferring it to the working muscles. The test results can be compared to standards in your age group to truly see where you stand. You will also be given specific heart rate training zones. Depending upon your goals, this makes for faster and safer progression.

Golf Fitness Screen        $125

You take lessons, you practice, you read Golf magazine monthly but your game is just not getting better. Well, why not take a look at the engine which drives your game. Muscle tightness, weakness and imbalance may be the reason you are not getting better. Our group of Titleist Performance Institute trained specialists can run you through a tour proven group of tests and develop a program specific for you.

Combined Tests

Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max                                                               $160