The shakes in our Phys-Aid Station are more than just tasty treats. They are nutrient-dense drinks designed to help you achieve your goals. Our shakes are classified into the following categories; Performance, Recovery, Pre-workout, Meal Replacement, Kids, Low-Glycemic, Low Carb, or just 100% crushed Fruit Smoothies. You would choose a Recovery Shake with a scoop of protein after and long bout of super intense cardio. This is a lower calorie  shake that you would use to start the rebuilding and healing process .  If you did an hour and a half long workout of weight training and cardio and don’t plan on eating another meal for more than a few hours, well, a better choice would be a meal replacement shake. These bad boys are nutrient dense, high calorie choices used to refuel you and keep you going until that next healthy meal. Each shake has been created for a specific purpose and tastes great to boot.

Click on the link below for more information including healthy recipes and nutritional information on all the products we offer in our Juice Bar.