So, you are at the gym getting ready to do you work out. “What to do today? Spinning, Zumba, boot-camp, treadmill, weight training, etc.?? There are many choices at Phys-Ed”. Right!!

    So why are you doing the same thing all the time? Most of us are guilty of this, including myself. Don’t get me wrong; those of you coming to the gym are way ahead of those couch potatoes who chose to stay at home. The thing is, if you always do the same workout, whether it’s a class, cardio machine or weight training, your body adapts to that. The body is very good at adapting to the same routine. Have you been asking yourself “Why haven’t I lost any weight or put on any muscle”?

    The answer is change!! Change up what you are doing. First is nutrition. If you are not eating right, trying to reach your fitness goals is much harder. Find a healthy eating plan that you can follow year round. Diet is a four letter word, dieting doesn’t work. Therefore, once you are done with your diet and have achieved your goal, old habits are easy to slip back into and the weight will come back on.

    What about your time in the gym? If you are lifting weights, change your exercises, reps and sets. Do some cardio or take a class. If you are always doing classes, then add some weight training. Ladies it’s time to dispel the myth about lifting weights. It will NOT make you big and bulky. You do not have enough testosterone in your body to produce large bulky muscles. And guys, get yourself into a Group Activity class. It will be enlightening! It’s time for all of us to challenge ourselves. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

    So next time you’re in the gym try mixing it up a little.

    Don Ogden