By: Valerie Walsh

    Tunnel To Tower run #2Ask 10 runners why they run and you’ll most likely get 10 different responses. Many of the reasons people run fall into the following categories: health, weight loss or social benefits to name a few.

    In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing and looking ahead to our Team Phys-Ed events coming up, let’s talk about the social benefits of running. Being part of running clubs or team events gives people the opportunity to be part of a community. It also comes with the benefits of training with others, and staying accountable to whatever your goals may be. At Phys-Ed we do many different team events together for various reasons. People participate by walking or running. Sometimes it’s for Charity, for personal goals, or just for the fun of it! As a team we have gotten muddy together and conquered obstacle courses in races like the Warrior Dash. We had the thrill of running the Warning Track at Yankee Stadium like a pro’s and for a moment, had the chance to feel what it would be like to be on the field making a deep catch and running for the ball, looking up to see your face up on the Jumbotron! We have supported local 5k’s such as the Twilight Run, Run Santa Run and most recently, the Run/Walk for the Families of Sandy Hook 5k. This event honored the Angels of Sandy Hook Elementary School and took place in Hartford, CT. Some folks couldn’t make it up to Hartford but still registered and ran or walked with their families, friends or solo to show our unity that “Love Wins.”

    Tunnel To Tower run #3Team Phys-Ed has also participated in the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Race in NYC. This race touched us all. The sole purpose of this race is to honor the life of Steven Siller along with 342 of his fellow FDNY brothers all lost on 9/11. The funds of this race go to support the Pediatric Unit of the NYC Firefighter Burn Center and burn centers throughout the nation. They also work to help support children who have lost one or both parents in the line of duty through providing scholarships. It is an amazing event. Words simply can’t describe the feeling you get when you are exiting the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and you have hundreds of NYC Firefighters and Police Officers, all wearing a banner with the picture of one of the fallen first responders around their neck. There they stand to cheer you on. 343 First Responders, clapping for you when all you want to do is hug each one of them. I don’t care who you are, you just break down. It’s an incredible feeling and so far, my favorite team event.

    I guess you could say Running means so many different things for us all. It’s about being more than you are today. To be more healthy, more relaxed. To spend more time with family and friends. To show more love and support; to simply be more of the person we aim to be. Running is an outward manifestation of so many different emotions. I am inspired each and every time I participate in events like the one’s talked about here. I am moved by the determination of first time runners/walkers and also appreciate the camaraderie that being among a team brings. I hope you will consider joining some of the Team Phys-Ed events on the Calendar for this season.

    Next one up…

    The Bank Street Theater Twilight Run on Friday, May 31st. For more race information visit: or to register: