P90X LogoIf you have chosen to get in shape using P90X, you have made the right choice! At Phys – Ed you have three great coaches who will help you get in the best shape of your life! This workout is organized into different training blocks, which are designed to challenge your body with a technique called ‘muscle confusion’. Muscle confusion hit your muscles at various angles using different types of workouts and routines. The main focus of muscle confusion is to ensure fast results as your muscles remain confused throughout the entire P90X program and will inhibit maximum muscle growth, fat loss and body conditioning at all times. The P90X workout is developed to build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility in only 90 days!

    How does P90X work? The workout is separated into four week blocks, with three weeks of intense workouts and one recovery week. The recovery week isn’t really a recovery week, however you do put the heavy work on hold but you still work on high intensity cardio. This keeps your muscles working while also allowing them to recover for the next workout. The training then switches up again after the recovery week to confuse the muscles even more! This continues for three weeks and then you hit another recovery week, where the workout will be switched up again for the final four week block.

    Nutrition is an important part of the program as well. P90X nutritional guidelines help you keep your body fueled with the right nutrients. P90X has even developed delicious recipes to support your training schedule.

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    The 90 Day Challenge at Phys – Ed is done with a group of 2 – 8 people of similar fitness levels. The 90 days consists of workouts with your Personal Trainer and your group, a commitment of 2 days per week with your challenge group, as well as workouts you will do on your own. The program begins and ends with a Fit Test and photo. This allows you to accurately track you progress through the 90 day program.

    Being a part of this challenge will get you weekly group training or one on one training sessions, fitness tests, before and after photos, access to a private and highly motivational online accountability group where you can chat with your trainer and they can motivate you throughout the program when you’re not meeting with them (such as a facebook account), diet and nutritional guidelines, a 90 day outline exercise program and a NEW YOU! What else could you ask for?

    The best part about P90X is that it is totally customizable depending on your personal needs and goals. There are three different programs to choose from:

    P90X Classic – This is the original P90X home workout. This focuses on cardio, resistance, balance and conditioning. This is combined into one easy to follow workout routine.

    P90X Doubles – The doubles program consists of the original P90X program plus three to four extra cardio exercises per week. This way you can split it up into a regular routine in the morning and then a cardio routine at night, or however you’d like to split it up.

    P90X Lean – The lean program focuses more on the cardio aspect of training rather than the resistance portion. This is a great program for those looking to burn fat and to burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest possible time. This is a good starting place for those who may be nervous about starting the classic routine for the first time.

    Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or want to outperform everyone else on the field, track, court, or in the pool, there is a P90X program for you! Now which one will you choose?


    Coach Chris and Coach Jamie will help you get started on which program is right for you! Remember; sign up for your FREE P90X Fit Test throughout September! Decide, Commit, And Succeed!