by Jamie Bennet, Personal Trainer

    It’s that time again…the beginning of another year!

    Most all of us start off the New Year with resolutions, one of the biggest is losing weight and getting fit to be a healthier you. Well if that is your New Year’s resolution let Phys Ed help you.

    The Phys Ed Group X Calendar is filled with a variety of classes that offer cardio, strength, flexibility, and more, all of the classes can help you reach your fitness goals!

    Don’t be afraid to try something new, you don’t want to fall into the same old routine that can cause you to get bored. You want to try and find a balance so you can get the best results. I see it all the time, members that do strength training and no cardio or they do all cardio and no strength training, then there are the ones that never take time to stretch. It is very important when you are putting together your workout schedule that you have a variety of all types for exercise.

    Strength training will build muscle and make you stronger. The more muscle you build the faster your metabolism works which will help burn fat. That means your body fat % will go down and you will tone your body. Cardio will help burn off the excess fat that is on top of your muscle and help your endurance and fitness level. Stretching helps lengthen muscles, flexibility, and prevent injury. They all are important to helping you reach your fitness goals along with proper nutrition. You will find that our Group X Calendar has all of that covered!

    If you have never taken a class and you always do your workouts on the floor, I invite you to come take one of our classes. I bet you will find that not only did you enjoy the class, but that you got a great effective workout and learned new and proper ways to exercise. It has been proven that you will push yourself harder in class with an instructor then by yourself.

    For the New Year I challenge you to try something new and shake up or routine!

    Every week try a new class you have never taken. If you only take Spinning Classes, try some of the strength classes like Power Pump, Tabata, TRX, and Bootcamp just to name a few. If you never tried some of our cardio classes like Spinning, Cardio Kickboxing, or Zumba then get in there! Want to work your Core and flexibility, try Pilates, Yoga and more. You get the point, Start changing it up and see how your body will start changing.

    I Hope everyone has a Healthy and Happy New Year here with us at Phys Ed! I will be looking for you in class!