P90X Workout, AWESOME….for those of you who haven’t, let me give you an overview of what it is. The principle behind the P90X 90 Day Challenge is a system called “muscle confusion.” The concept of muscle confusion is basically not allowing your body to get familiar with doing the same fitness routine again and again causing a plateau effect. With P90X, you will be introduced to new moves and new techniques, such as different styles of push-ups or a new spin on a bicep curl, to insure that your muscles will never get used to doing just one routine.

    PX 90 at Phys-Ed How will Phys-Ed be using the P90X Program in our facility?
    This Program is a Comprehensive Training Plan. In order to reap the full benefits of the Program, you will need to follow a specific training calendar that is customized just for you. Yes, we will have some classes available on our Group X Calendar, however that is just to give you a taste of what some of the exercises are. Our P90X Certified Trainers will use the Program in one-on-one sessions and small group training sessions. To launch P90X, Phys-Ed will be hosting a few “P90X Remix” classes taught by our awesome team that is ready to “BRING IT!” After class we will have sign-ups for folks that would like to go through the Fit Test. The Fit Test serves a dual purpose. First, it assesses if you are ready for the full 90 day Program or if maybe an intro program would be better. Second, it can determine your progress at the end of the 90 days (or in the middle if you and your trainer see fit), and you will see how far you have come! If you decide to commit to the 90 Day Challenge (either one-on-one or in a small group), you will be provided with so much support from your Trainer and or Group. Along with your workouts, you will receive Nutritional Support, as we know proper nutrition is KEY to any successful outcome. You will also be given on line support, either through group email or Private Facebook Groups where you will check in with your Trainer and or Group to stay accountable. Accountability outside of your training sessions is so important and this will be a big factor in this 90 Day Challenge.

    So that is an overview of how we are bringing P90X to Phys-Ed. Now it’s time to ask yourself….are you ready to “BRING IT?”

    Look for P90X Remix Classes on our Programming Calendar, email and our Facebook Page.