by Shannon Bartkus, Phys-Ed Intern

    OCR Stands for Obstacle Course Race and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

    Obstacle Course Racing!…This is your chance to spice up your workout, and put your strength and endurance to the ultimate test! Crawl through barbed wire mud pits, shimmy up ropes, throw yourself over walls, and push yourself to the extreme. With numerous events such as Spartan Race, Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge, Zombie Charge, Tough Mudder, and many more, these races vary in length and difficulty cater to every athlete.

    I began my training for obstacle course racing at the beginning of summer 2013. I had just finished P90X training with Chris and was feeling confident about the progress I had made as an athletic individual. Eager to apply my knowledge, I stumbled upon obstacle course racing. I began training with two elite Spartan racers. Their workouts prepared me physically and mentally for the course I was about to conquer. A month later I stepped out on course at The Super Hero Scramble in Roxbury, New York for my first obstacle race challenge. After 6 miles and 35 obstacles with my motivational team, I crossed the finish line covered head to toe in mud knowing that there would be many more races to come.

    This is your opportunity to train with a motivating group in preparation for one of these rad races! Sign up for Chris or JC’s six week Team Phys-Ed Training program that will help prepare you and your group with the strength and endurance needed for obstacle course racing. Upper body strength is key when competing in an OCR and following a proper strength training program is a smart way to go to prevent injury. These races are only fun if you walk away injury free! By the end of training you’ll be craving the competition!

    Regardless of whether you’re looking for a competitive race, or fun summer fitness memory, obstacle course racing will open you up to a new mud rave!

    For more information on Team Phys-Ed Training, contact Coach Chris at or Coach JC at

    Race/Events to choose from in CT:

    June 28, 2014
    CT Spartan Race, Spartan Sprint Time
    Trial Mohegan Sun

    August 9, 2014
    Hartford, CT ROC Race Ridiculous
    Obstacle Challenge 5K

    September 6, 2014
    CT Warrior Dash

    October 12, 2014
    Trailblazer’s Run the Gauntlet, Madison, CT