With over 50 classes per week included with your membership, we are able to offer everyone from beginners to athletes a workout that is both fun and challenging. Choose from Tabata, Boot Camp, and Zumba, as well as Yoga, Pilates, and the popular Spinning ® programs. You’ll get    top-quality instructors, clean rooms, and access to the best equipment.

Group X Calendar Fall 2019

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Classes by Category:

Cardio/Circuit/Interval Training

3, 2, 1: An interval style class with 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. It’s tougher than it sounds! Good for all levels.

Aero Box: This fast-paced cardio kick class is a high-energy workout that challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

Basic Training: This is what you’ve been waiting for! This circuit style class provides a range of simple and high intensity activities for an all around workout! Get back to the basics with Basic Training!

Boot Camp: A rigorous blend of non-stop movement with weights, bars, bands, med. balls, plyometrics and more! Sweat buckets, build lean muscle, burn calories while having fun!

Cardio Kickboxing: No toys, no BOSU’s, no weights. Just your lungs and your legs! CORE Fit: This class targets your core in 6 stations of Tabata. In 25 minutes you will not only get AWESOME core strengthening exercises, but so much more!

Cross Circuit: This class will have you running circles either up on the track or outside in the sun. You will be doing cross training with bouts of cardio mixed in with heavier resistance exercises. Sometimes with iron, sometimes with your own body, sometime with a rock!

Dance Party: Get your heart rate up with this foot thumping and body rocking dance cardio class. The music will be top pop hits throughout the decades. Come and join the fun!

HIIT: Put your body in a state of burning more calories, and build lean muscle mass with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s NOT just cardio, it is a mix of cardio drills such as agility work, and plyo-metrics and also incorporates strength training. This class is meant to boost your metabolism for hours after class is finished!

Prime Time: This class is designed with special consideration for our seasoned members. It will include segments on strengthening, flexibility and balance.

Power Pump: This class will work to strengthen and sculpt your entire body! Work all your major muscle groups using weights, resistance bands, stability balls, BOSU trainers and more!

Step and Sweat: Name says it all! Lively step combinations that make the class fly by, gets your heart pumping and your body moving and sweating like never before!

Tabata: A series of exercises done for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest and then repeated for a total of 8 rounds! This format is proven to increase your VO2 max and get results quick!

TRX: TRX is suspension training using your own body weight. You are in control of how difficult you want to make each exercise. You will build power, strength, flexibility, balance and more!


Pilates: This core strengthening technique was designed to improve posture and body alignment, as well as strengthen all major muscle groups. Flex bands are used to add upper body resistance making this class a total body workout.

Spinning® Classes

Spinning®: Whether you’re a new or experienced indoor rider, we aim to provide the BEST indoor cycling experience in the industry. Each class is set to fun, motivating music to take you on a 45 or 60 minute ride of your life! (Pre-registration recommended).

Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga: A calming and relaxing class that is suitable for all levels including beginners. It is a blend of several Yoga styles that work the entire body. This is an opportunity to learn core yoga poses for experienced students seeking a restorative experience.

GSR Yoga: Join Kathy for a mix of light meditation, gentle yoga and stretching. The class will end with a nice long restorative savasna to help relieve stress from your busy life. Great for your muscles and your mind!

Power Flow Yoga: Creative sequence of postures linked together by using the breath and body uniting. Builds strength as well as encourages the muscles to stretch and lengthen. Sequence changes every week focusing on a different peak pose or muscle group. Arm balances and inversions are introduced.

Vinyasa Flow: A moderately challenging yoga class. Vinyasa means flowing with the breath, so in this class you will move from posture to posture building internal heat with the inhale and exhale. Lightness!

Yoga for Grunts: This “extreme stretching class,” as the group calls it, is a fun, high energy class that will work on your flexibility, balance and sense of humor!

Yoga – Mix: An eclectic class that teaches postures (asanas), yoga flows (Vinyasa), and breathing techniques (pranayama), to guide you through the process of releasing tension.


Zumba®: This is one big cardio party! This class is filled with exciting Latin and International dance moves like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Mambo and more! Get down and dance while you burn calories.

Zumba Toning®: Grab your Toning sticks and let’s kick Zumba up a notch! This class has it all: music and steps to get your HR up with strength and toning moves that will keep you sleek and sexy!

Group X Rules…it really does, but these are THE Rules:

Classes and times are subject to change. For safety reasons, there is no admittance 10 min. after class begins. Reservations are necessary for the Spin and TRX classes and can be made up to one week before next class. Reservations on Spin Bikes and TRX’s will be held for 5 min. after class begins. If you are new to a class, please make the instructor aware.